What we do
We believe wealth creation shouldn’t be a privilege reserved for only a few people. Therefore, we’ve tasked ourselves with a mission to make ownership of investment properties accessible, cost-effective and simple.

Our Mantra is “Start with what you have” We believe everyone and anyone can start their wealth creation journey with what they have. Whether you are a first-time investor or experienced investor, our platform allows you to find, evaluate, purchase and own residential investment properties with high rental yield.

We have carefully sourced and hand-picked quality income-generating assets for our investors. These assets include individual properties (homes, apartments), blocks and buildings, and off-plan properties.
Buy2Let Rent Guarantee Offer (RGO)
All properties bought by Investors on Buy2Let enjoy Rent Guarantee for the entire period the property is under our management.

Benefit includes:
  • Immediate earning upon purchase completion.
  • Rent earning services your loan repayment or outstanding balance (See financing option)
  • Consistent monthly cash flow
  • Reduce pressure on your primary income
  • Peace of mind
Buy2Let Compact Starter Homes (CSH)
Compact Starter Homes, a flagship product of Buy2Let is uniquely designed to give young people a head start in real estate investment and wealth creation. Before now, inaccessibility posed a real problem because of high entry cost, but through innovation, we’ve removed the cost barrier. Now a young professional between the ages of 18 to 39, with decent income and savings can take the first step to own a real estate asset and grow it into an asset portfolio.

COMPACT STARTER HOMES PAGE CSH allows a young investor to own a room or part of rent-able space in a property. The spaces are repackaged to increase cash flow for investors. These units are rented by single individuals or newly married couples who need functional space to live better and improve their financial stability.

Example: Average cost of a Four bedroom Terrace in Lekki Phase 1 with BQ is N90,000,000 with annual rent of N5,000,000, and average cost of a purpose built One bedroom is N32,000,000 with annual rent of N1,800,000.

Through CSH, we repackage a spacious 4bedroom into smaller units of one bedroom. You pay N20,000,000 to own a repackaged space in the 4bedroom house and earn 1,800,000 annually; same rent as a purpose built One bedroom selling for 32,000,000.

Benefits of CSH
  • We handle the space repackaging at a cost already factored into the sales price, you get your guaranteed rent as when due.
  • Cheaper to maintain. Building maintenance cost is shared amongst owners.
  • Faster Asset Appreciation. High demand is driving the appreciation of compact apartments.
  • Sell fast to raise cash