Property inspection
Will I be able to inspect the property before I buy?
BuySmallSmall as a platform is structured to facilitate the ease of engaging in Real Estate transactions for anyone, from anywhere, so a personal visit isn’t really necessary, but if it’s important for you to inspect, then we will make that possible.
Can I inspect a Tenanted property?
To inspect a tenanted property you’re looking to buy, we will need 48hrs to notify the tenant ahead. If the tenant is unavailable for inspection, we will communicate to you, and share some date options with you based on the Tenant availability.
Can I inspect Co-ownership properties?
Inspections of co-ownership properties are only available twice a month. A pre-set date for inspection is announced to all co-owners and intending co-owners via email and across our social media pages, and transportation is made available from our office to properties that either live on our platform or are about to go live.
How do I book an inspection?
You can schedule inspections using the “Book Inspection” tab in the top right corner of the property page. You can select date and time, and an inspection manager will send a confirmation email and place a call through to you.
Can I use a real estate agent to Buy on BuySmallSmall?
BuySmallSmall as a platform is set up to protect the interest of the seller and the buyer by providing value packed solutions that facilitate ease of closing real estate transactions; you will not need an independent buyer’s agent on BuySmallSmall. However, you are welcome to retain a buyer’s agent at your own cost. If you are an agent interested in establishing a commission based arrangement with BuySmallSmall, contact us at [email protected]
Is BuySmallSmall open to Non-local Buyers?
Yes, international investors and Nigerians in Diaspora can buy any of BuySmallSmall properties. If you need additional clarity, please contact us at [email protected]
Can I buy through a limited-liability company, trust or partnership?
Yes. You can buy through any vehicle which can hold title to real property. At closing you will have the opportunity to indicate how you would like to hold the title. Please check with your financial advisor or legal representative to determine which structure would be most beneficial for you.
Do you have resources to help me learn more about Real Estate investment?
We’re glad you asked. We have numerous resources, including:
Can I use my existing RentSmallSmall account to log in on BuySmallSmall?
Yes, you can use your existing login details from any of SmallSmall Technology Platforms to access any of SmallSmall Technology Platforms.