Property title
Are Properties on BuySmallSmall property titled with no encumbrances?
All properties are searched at the office of State Land Registry to ensure they are legit, properly titled, and free of encumbrances.
What type of Property Title does BuySmallSmall accept?
  • C of O
  • Registered Deed of Assignment
Who holds the Property Title?
For co-owned properties, the title is registered under an SPV and managed by an independent Trustee appointed by SmallSmall. For sole-own properties, the title is held by SmallSmall.
When do I get my Title document?
When all payments, due or outstanding, have been settled, and all required obligations are fulfilled. For co-owners, the title documents are issued and held by the appointed independent trustee.
How does BuySmallSmall safeguard my personal information?
BuySmallSmall uses the latest available digital encryption technology to protect your information. BuySmallSmall does not share or sell your personal information to a third party- ever.