Rent guarantee
What is a BuySmallSmall Rent Guarantee?
We offer a first of its kind rent guarantee for all properties under our Buy2Let package. We want investors, whether buying as a sole-owner or co-owner, to invest with confidence.
What are the benefits of BuySmallSmall Rent Guarantee?
  • No pauses on rent payment or vacant periods
  • Timely Rent Payment
  • Guarantee rent services your monthly payback obligation, in-part or in-full, if you bought with financing.
How often will the guaranteed rent be reviewed on a property?
The rent is reviewed every 2 years, and adjusted upward at a cap of 10%.
Does the Guaranteed Rent cover property maintenance and other running costs?

For Co-ownership, yes a flat charge of 25% is deducted quarterly from the rent as running funds.

For Buy2Let Outright Purchase, owners can subscribe to a 25% flat charge, to be deducted from the guaranteed rent, or owners can choose to bear maintenance and other associated running costs by themselves and we only deduct 10% for property letting and management fees.

For Buy2Let Financing purchase, if the property is generating enough cash flow to cover, first, the 10% letting and management fee, second, monthly payback in full, and still has a surplus net of 15%, the surplus can be used to cover the property running cost. If the surplus is short of 15%, owners will be required to bear the running costs out of pocket. If the surplus is above 15%, the balance is credited to the owner.

What are the costs covered in the 25% running fund?
The expenses covered in the running fund includes, property letting and management charges, property insurance, property maintenance, state land-use-charge e.t.c.
If I purchase a Tenanted home, will the current Tenant stay in the home after closing?
Yes, the tenant can remain in the property under the terms of an existing contract. When a home is occupied at closing, both the tenant and the new owner are subject to the existing contract until expiration.
How do I know the tenant will continue paying rent?
You are covered by the BuySmallSmall Guaranteed Rent Program. You will not have to worry about the tenant.
Does BuySmallSmall do background checks on tenants?
BuySmallSmall, through its sister product, RentSmallSmall, conducts thorough due diligence on every tenant and collects security deposits.
Vacant or Occupied Property—which is better?
It doesn’t matter if the property is vacant or occupied, if you bought a Buy2Let property, your guaranteed rent starts from month 1 of your purchase.
Can I upgrade my property after closing so I could get higher rent and capital appreciation return?
Yes, you can upgrade your property, but only when it’s vacant. We need you to notify us ahead of time before we put a new tenant in the property. When you upgrade a property, we will review the upgrade you did and offer you an adjusted guaranteed rent and appreciation accordingly if we see enough ground for one.
Can I get a tenant for my property myself after closing?
Yes, you can find a tenant for your property, but the tenant must be on-boarded by Small Small if the property was purchased with BuySmallSmall financing and there is an outstanding balance unpaid. If the property was purchased outrightly or you’ve cleared all debt on the property, then you’re at liberty to put a tenant anytime and charge any price, but then the rent won’t be guaranteed anymore. We only give guaranteed rent, at our set price, to landlords whose tenants came through us or processed by us..
Does BuySmallSmall give guaranteed capital appreciation to Buy2Let and Buy2Live owners?
No, Guaranteed Capital Appreciation is only available to co-ownership fixed-hold shareholders.
Does BuySmallSmall have ease of exit for Buy2let and Buy2Live owners?
If there is an outstanding debt, Buy2Let and Buy2Live owners looking to sell can only sell through BuySmallSmall secondary market. If the property was purchased on outright payment or the outstanding debt on financing has been cleared, owners can sell anytime, anywhere, at their set price. If you use BuySmallSmall secondary market to sell and you don’t get a buyer within a month, we will offer a buyback at an agreed price.
What happens if the BuySmallSmall buy-back offer is not acceptable, and I’m in default on my monthly payback?
You have the freedom to accept or reject our offer, but you can’t be in default of your payback obligation while you try to sell. If you default on your payback, we will follow through with our default policy and repossess the property.
Can I set my price when I want to sell even if there is an outstanding debt?
Yes, the only condition for the sales is that the transaction must be done on BuySmallSmall, not outside.
Can I find the buyer if I still have outstanding debt on the property?
Yes, you can find the buyer, but the buyer must complete the purchase on BuySmallSmall. We will not transfer ownership to a new person if the person is unknown to us and there is outstanding debt on the property.