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What is BuySmallSmall?
BuySmallSmall(BSS) is a platform and product of Small Small Technology (SST) with the aim to make home ownership accessible, cost-effective and simple to anyone who has desires to own a home.
Why should I use BuySmallSmall?
We have not only reduced the price barrier for anyone who has worked hard and saved up some funds to buy their first property or build their portfolio, but importantly, we’ve made it easier for young people to own real estate in Nigeria.

Our platform was created to address the lack of accessibility and efficiency of a typical real estate transaction by streamlining the entire transaction process. The attractive benefits of real estate investing, including monthly cash flow and capital/asset appreciation potential, are available to a much wider audience and that audience can invest in properties cheaper and faster than previously possible.

How do I register on BuySmallSmall?
Creating an account on BuySmallSmall is easy and straightforward. Use this link
How quickly can I setup my profile?

You can setup your profile under 2mins. For a completed profile, you need to provide your bio data information, your profile picture, and your proof of identity.

How do I recover my password?
In case you forgot your BuySmallSmall password, you can always reset in the login window, click the Forgot password? button to start the password recovery.
How do I change my password?
You can change your BuySmallSmall password not only using the Forgot password? option , but also on your BuySmallSmall Profile page. Log in to your BuySmallSmall account, go to profile and click the “Change Password” button in the Password section.
What do I get for using BuySmallSmall?
  • One-stop shop to find, and select from over 1,000+ vetted properties.
  • Powerful analytics to help you make decisions in 2 mins.
  • Fastest 4 clicks purchase process.
  • Best price guaranteed.
  • Up to 10 years guaranteed rent.
  • 10% (avg.) annual rent return.
  • 11% (avg.) annual appreciation return.
  • Ease of exit through our secondary market and buy-back program.
Who can afford properties listed on BuySmallSmall?
Anyone and everyone! We’re building the broadest ecosystem that makes home ownership accessible to all. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you can “Start with what you have” We believe everyone and anyone can start their wealth creation journey with what they have. Whether you are a first-time property investor or experienced one, our platform allows you to find, evaluate, purchase and own quality residential properties.
What type of properties are listed on BuySmallSmall?
Houses, Apartments, Terraces, Maisonettes, Duplex, ready-built and off-plan properties.

We have carefully sourced and hand-picked quality homes that we can confidently back with our own money,and we do often back with our own money.

What are the different development stages of properties on BuySmallSmall?
Completed: A ready-built development that can be occupied in 0 month to 3 months.

On-going: A development that its structure is up with a completion window of 12 months.

Off-plan: A development that is yet to start or at foundation level with a completion window of 24 months.

How often are new properties added on BuySmallSmall?
New properties are added to the site daily, so check back often or sign up to receive new listing alerts that meet your investment parameters.
Is BuySmallSmall a crowdfunding platform?
No, BuySmallSmall is not a crowdfunding platform, and it doesn’t have or promote crowdfunding packages or schemes of any sort that promises immediate or short term return. BuySmallSmall is created to make the process of owning a home easier for intending homeowners either on mid-term plan or long-term, and as such creates a path for owners to earn returns and rewards that is expected of owning real estate assets, with ease of exit for its customers.