WHat is Buy2Let?
Buy2let's primary goal is to make ownership of investment properties accessible, cost-effective and simple.
What’s different about a Buy2Let real estate transaction?
Before Buy2Let, there was no platform that allowed investors to view detailed financial, quantitative and qualitative information about properties and be able to conduct transactions directly through an online platform.

We have not only reduced the price barrier for anyone who has worked hard and saved up some funds to buy their first property, but importantly, we’ve made it easier for young people to own real estate in Nigeria.

Our platform was created to address the lack of accessibility and efficiency of a typical real estate transaction by streamlining the entire transaction process. The attractive benefits of real estate investing, including monthly cash flow and appreciation potential, are available to a much wider audience and that audience can invest in properties cheaper and faster than previously possible.

Here’s what sets Buy2Let apart:
  • One-stop shop for finding, analyzing and buying high yield properties.
  • First of its kind Indefinite Rent Guarantee
  • No geographic barriers – access listings from anywhere in the world
  • Hand picked properties from a range of sources with attractive investment potential
  • Powerful analytics to help you make informed decisions.
  • Support from our team throughout the process
Does Buy2Let own the properties listed for sale?
Most of the listings on Buy2Let are independently owned, as our aim is to connect buyers with high yield real estate investment. Buy2Let does have a small number of properties that were purchased at bulk, remodelled and made available to our investors. These properties tend to be cheaper to buy, but yield higher return.
How does Buy2Let safeguard my personal information?
Buy2Let uses the latest available digital encryption technology to protect your information. Buy2Let does not share or sell your personal information to a third party- ever.
How does Buy2Let make money?
Our fee structure varies depending on the type of listing, which are described below. But for all types of listings, our fees are favorable when compared to the traditional 5-10% of a typical real estate transaction fee.

Buy2Let charges a buyer as follows:
  • Administrative Fee -- Non-refundable N200,000 or 1% of the purchase price, whichever is greater. This goes towards services we offer from consultation, inspection, to transaction support.
  • Transaction Fee – 4% of the purchase price or N500,000 (whichever is greater) on tenant-occupied and vacant properties. This fee goes towards services including documentation, certification, underwriting, consultation, and transaction management.
What is Buy2Let Compact Starter Homes (CSH)?
Compact Starter Homes, a flagship product of Buy2Let is uniquely designed to give young people a head start in real estate investment and wealth creation. Before now, inaccessibility posed a real problem because of property size and high entry cost.

Property suppliers/developers neglected the fact Nigeria's population is predominantly young people and a major shift has occurred in their need. Most young professionals, single or newly married, do not need a 2 or 3 bedroom house. They want a starter home that is functional enough to boost their livelihood and improve their financial stability.

Despite these clear opportunities for developers and buyers, starter homes have been historically opaque and challenging for investors to access due to unimaginable low supply. Buy2Let founders, after conducting extensive research and gathering valid data, identified a change that needs to happen sooner than later. CSH was born from their desire to spur change by opening the industry and its benefits to developers and investors.

We have two types of Compact Starter Homes (CSH):
  1. CSH Purpose Built: We work with forward and future thinking developers to design a new type of home that maximizes space and amplifies functionality. The home is compact in size and affordable for young investors to own.
  2. CSH Remodelled: We buy or work with sellers to remodel and repackage a large piece of property to smaller units. CSH Remodelled allows a young investor to own a room or part of rent-able space in a property.

Average cost of a Four bedroom Terrace in Lekki Phase 1 with BQ is N90,000,000 with annual rent of N5,000,000, and the average cost of a purpose built One bedroom is N32,000,000 with annual rent of N1,800,000. Through CSH, we repackage a spacious 4bedroom into smaller units of one bedroom. You pay N20,000,000 to own a repackaged space in the 4bedroom house and earn 1,800,000 annually; same rent as a purpose built One bedroom selling for 32,000,000. Benefits of CSH
  • Cheaper to buy, and yield higher returns.
  • We handle the space repackaging at a cost already factored into the sales price, you get your guaranteed rent as when due.
  • Cheaper to maintain. Building maintenance cost is shared amongst owners.
  • Faster Asset Appreciation. High demand is driving the appreciation of compact apartments.
  • Sell fast to raise cash
I am interested in investing. How do I get started?
We’re glad you asked. We have numerous resources, including:
  • Buy2Let Blog provides a comprehensive resource for investing in real estate, including How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing - The Complete Guide, which covers five basic steps essential in getting started in real estate investing.
  • Create your investor Profile
    Answer a few short questions to activate an advanced search with customized dashboard and property recommendations based on your profile.
  • Speak with an expert
    Have a complimentary advisory session with our expert team. They will answer any questions you may have.
  • Request for more info
    Complete our enquiry form and a member of our team will respond to you within 24hrs.
To stay updated on all the latest information and offering, make sure you subscribe to Buy2Let newsletter with your email.
Are all Properties listed on Buy2Let available?
Yes. When you pay the administrative fee for any property on Buy2Let, the property status changes to “Pending”. As soon you get an acceptance letter from the seller and payment is received, the property is removed from the platform and no longer available for another buyer.
What is the Buy2Let Rent Guarantee Offer, and what are its two distinct parts?
We offer a first of its kind rent guarantee that allows you to invest with confidence, regardless of whether the home is tenanted or vacant.
How often are new properties added on Buy2Let?
New properties are added to the site daily, so check back often or sign up to receive new listing alerts that meet your investment parameters.
What are some key terms I should be aware of if making a property investment?
Gross yield: A yield on investment property before any expenses. This is calculated as gross annual rent divided by purchase price. 

Cap rate: Similar to gross yield but includes all of your expenses (except loan costs). This is calculated as net annual rent income in Year 1 divided by purchase price.

Cash yield: This is a measure of return on your initial investment after your first full year of ownership. This is calculated as net cash flow, after all expenses and loan payments, divided by initial investment amount.  

Annualized return: Estimate of the value the investment generates over the time period for which you own it (including cash flow and appreciation). 

How is appreciation calculated?
Appreciation is a prediction of value based on current and anticipated market conditions and home condition. These estimates may be influenced by many factors, some specific to the local market and some related to the broader economy.
How do I purchase a property?
After you have searched and found your property of interest on Buy2Let, you can close your purchase in 30days by following through with the process below:
  • Sign up and create investor Profile
  • Complete buyer’s form
  • Pay administrative fees using our onsite and secured payment gateway
  • Submit documents
  • Undergo verification & Approval (Exchange of offer and acceptance letter is handled by Buy2Let)
  • Select your financing option
  • Make payment (down payment or full)
  • Sign and collect documents
  • Get Buy2Let investor Badge/Certificate
Vacant or occupied, which is better?
They both have advantages. With an occupied property, there’s no interruption of the current lease, the property starts generating income right away. With a vacant property, you have the opportunity to renovate or add value to the property, start fresh with a new lease, and we can adjust the guaranteed rent.
Will I be able to inspect the property?
Buy2Let is structured so a personal visit isn’t really necessary, and in tenant-occupied properties, most sellers feel that visits are disruptive for tenants. Before you close, you can review complete diligence reports and photos of properties. We can arrange for inspection if the tenant will grant permission.
Who performs the property inspections and how are inspections done?
We have experienced property inspectors to show you around and answer any questions you may have. You can schedule inspections using the “Book Inspection” tab in the top right corner of the property page. You can select date and time and a team member of Buy2Let will confirm via email and place a call through to you.
May I use a real estate agent?
Buy2Let is the seller’s agent on the listing and transaction; you will not need an independent buyer’s agent. However, you are welcome to retain a buyer’s agent at your own cost.

If you are an agent interested in establishing a commissioned arrangement with Buy2Let, contact us at info@buy2let.ng.

What are the financing options available to purchase a Buy2Let Property?
As we’ve made it our mandate to provide property investment and home ownership opportunities to many young people, the key is “What do you have?”. Our objective is to assist you in making use of what you have, and using it well. You can access any of our investment properties through these financing options that suits you:
  • Self Financed: You purchase the property outrightly and make 100% cash payment
  • Mortgage: Buy2Let has partnered with specialist mortgage banks to lend to our investors in order to fast track their purchase. The minimum equity required to process a mortgage application through Buy2Let is 40%. We will assign an account officer to you who will assist you with your mortgage application from start to finish. Once accepted, our lending partners will release the equity difference required to complete your purchase. Buy2Let Rent Guarantee will service the monthly repayment of your loan. 3 Types of Rent Yield:
    1. Rent Surplus: The property generates enough cash to cover the maintenance of the property, monthly loan repayment, and extra cash to the investor.
    2. Rent to Loan Fit: The property generates just about enough cash to cover the maintenance of the property and monthly loan repayment. No extra cash to the investor except rent earning increases over time.
    3. Rent Insufficient: The rent generated from the property only covers part of the property maintenance and monthly loan repayment, the balance is covered by the investor.
  • Seller’s Payment Plan: Buy2Let has partnered with reputable, award winning developers offering friendly payment plans to Buy2Let investors. Initial deposit required to activate the purchase varies from seller to seller. Balance is spread between 12months to 5years. Once requirement is met and the investor is granted access to property, the buyer sends their monthly repayment to Buy2Let, this is added to the rent (less fees) and remitted to the seller.
  • Pool Buy: The art of investment is making your money work for you and real estate is one tested and proven way your money can work for you for a very long time. With our pool buy, you can co-own a piece of property with other investors and you can sell easily on Buy2Let when you need cash.
  • Saver’s Plan: Buy2Let has partnered with financial institutions offering saving plans with good interest. We will work with you to determine your monthly saving target based on your income. If you consistently meet the monthly saving target over a period of 12 to 24 months, we will lower the minimum equity required for you and work with the lender to accommodate what you’ve saved to complete the purchase.
What are the associated costs with a mortgage loan?
Costs often include survey chatting, title search, insurance fees, loan origination fees (if applicable), recording fees, association fees and document preparation/closing fees.
How quickly can I close on my property?
Buy2Let intends to facilitate closings within 7 days of a signed Purchase and Sale Agreement for an all-cash self financed sale or seller’s payment plan subscription. 30 days for mortgage sale. The closing date is typically scheduled to occur within 30 days from the contract date unless otherwise agreed by all parties.
Is Buy2Let open to Non-local investors?
Yes, international investors and Nigerians in Diaspora can buy any of Buy2Let properties. Please contact us at invest@buy2let.com for more information.
Can I invest through a limited-liability company, trust or partnership?
Yes. You can invest through any vehicle which can hold title to real property. At closing you will have the opportunity to indicate how you would like to hold the title. Please check with your financial advisor to determine which structure would be most beneficial for you.
How do investors earn returns?
Returns are earned from the rental cash flow. Our Rent Guarantee Offer gives you 3 earning options:
  1. 1. Earn to Flex (100% self financed)

    Your rent is paid directly to you after deducting expenses which includes property letting fees, management fees, repairs and maintenance. The net cash flow is forwarded to you on a monthly basis
  2. 2. Earn to Pay-up (Loan Financing)

    Your earning services your loan repayment (In the case of rent surplus, you can choose “Earn to Flex” or “Earn to Re-invest)
  3. 3. Earn to Re-invest

    Your rent is invested in property shares or other investment opportunities offered by Buy2Let
If I purchase a Tenanted home, will the current Tenant stay in the home after closing?
One of the advantages of Buy2Let is that tenants can remain in place under terms of an existing contract during and after the sale of the property. When a home is occupied at closing, both the tenant and you (as the new owner) are subject to the existing contract. Irrespective of the property tenancy status (Tenanted or Vacant) at closing.
How do I know whether the tenant will continue making rental payments?
Buy2Let through its letting partner conducts thorough due diligence and collects security deposits from every Tenant move-in. However, you will not need to worry about this as your rent will be covered by our Rent Guarantee Offer.
What kind of updates will I receive about my property?
After closing on your property, our letting partner onboards the property and a property manager is assigned to your property. The property manager is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of your property and will be responsible for updating you on the status of your property
Who is responsible for repair and maintenance expenses on each property?
Repair and maintenance expenses are always the responsibility of the owner. However, our Property Managers are responsible for managing the repair and maintenance work that needs to be completed on any property. The cost of the repairs are withheld from the monthly rent, and you’re invoiced directly. The Property Management Agreement will describe the process of approving expenses.
How can I partner with Buy2Let?
There are many ways to partner with Buy2Let. You can contact us via email info@buy2let.ng and a member of our team will respond. Or, you can reach out directly to our teams listed below.
  • If you are a developer and want to grow your business by selling your homes through Buy2let, contact us.
  • If you are a potential strategic partner with a like-minded real estate business dedicated to improving the rental property experience, contact us.
  • If you are a seller or know someone who wants to use the Buy2Let platform to sell your property, contact us.
  • If you are a real estate agent who wants to collaborate with us and earn commission, contact us.
Does Buy2Let own these Properties?
Title for the homes is held in trust by Buy2Let, and administered by Buy2Let on behalf of investors. This structure enables Buy2Let or its affiliates to perform operational duties such as professional in-house property and asset management, while allowing investors to maintain an economic interest in the underlying home.

Should an investor want to take direct ownership of a property, the investor will have to buy shares from other investors if they are willing to sell. Alternatively, the investor can diversify and buy shares in other properties. Also, investors can convert shares across multiple properties to a single property of equal value.

What is the condition of these properties?
All properties on Buy2Let are carefully hand picked to provide high return to investors. These properties are either new construction or renovated to a standard intended to enhance rental income and enjoy good appreciation.
How is the annual distribution for a Buy2Let Pool-buy investment determined?
Your annual net cash flow on a Buy2Let Pool-buy investment is the estimated rental income, minus all expenses such as property insurance, property and asset management fees and land-use-charge.

Distributions may increase or decrease over the life of the investment based on numerous factors, including, but not limited to, property and asset management fees, land-use-charge insurance fee, repair, maintenance and capital expenditures and other fees, costs and expenses. There may be quarters when there is no cash available for distribution if cash is needed to fund costs related to the property

What is the investment process?
To invest in Buy2Let Pool-buy:
  1. Select – Choose your property and the amount of shares you’re interested in.
  2. Verify – Complete buyer’s profile
  3. Pay – Complete your purchase using our onsite and secured payment gateway
How long can I hold my investment?
There is no minimum hold period for a Buy2Let Pool-buy investment. You can list and sell your shares whenever you want on the Buy2Let platform. There are investors looking to increase their share interest daily.

If you don’t sell after 7days of listing, Buy2Let will buy back from you and apply its guaranteed annual appreciation on the price you paid to acquire the shares. If your investment has not completed a 12months cycle in a given year, a fair market value will be determined.
When will I receive rent distributions?
Investors will receive yearly reporting outlining the performance of the investment during that time period. After the initial purchase of an interest, your distribution will be pro-rated within the year for the amount of time you own the shares.
What documents will I receive as an investor?
We intend to provide you with transaction documents, investment certificates, distribution reports, property and asset management updates.
How will I be updated on the performance of my investment?
Buy2Let intends to send reports on the performance of your holdings on a yearly basis. In the future, investors should be able to check their holdings and performance on the Buy2Let platform.
What if something happens to the home, such as a natural disaster?
By purchasing interest in any of Buy2Let property, an investor will be deemed to consent to the property manager obtaining insurance on the property. The premiums for insurance coverage will be deducted from yearly distributions.

Insurance policies will cover property peril and potential damage resulting from fire & lightning, explosion, aircraft & vehicles, vandalism & malicious mischief, glass breakage, falling objects, theft, and smoke. The coverage will not cover potential items typically not covered by property insurance such as damage resulting from mold, power failure, neglect, seepage and/ or pollution, government action or other damage typically not covered by property insurance.

Is the property periodically re-valued, and if so, how often?
Yes, Buy2Let intends to perform property valuation annually.
What are my responsibilities?
This is a fully managed investment and is intended to require no investor involvement in ongoing operations.